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It is our endeavor to ensure that the Sunbird is reliable and up to date. We welcome all contributions to the Sunbird . Your collaboration is essential to keep the Sunbird consistent and error-free.

Ways of contributing

Contribute by Filing bugs

  • Find and suggest bug fixes
  • Fix a Bug

Contribute to design

  • Restructure layouts to improve the project’s usability
  • Conduct user research to reorganize and refine the project’s navigation or menus,
  • Put together a style guide to help the project to have a consistent visual design

Contribute to Documentation

  • Write and improve the project’s documentation
  • Curate a folder of examples showing how the project is used
  • Write tutorials for the project,
  • Write a translation for the project’s documentation

Contribute Code

  • The sunbird code repository lives at
  • Contribute to Core platform changes (changes to the Sunbird repo)
  • Find an open issue to tackle,
  • Automate project setup
  • Improve tooling and testing

Contribute by helping others to code

  • Review code on other people’s submissions
  • Write tutorials for how a project can be used
  • Offer to mentor another contributor.

Contribute to organise

  • Link to duplicate issues, and suggest new issue labels, to keep things organized
  • Go through open issues and suggest closing old ones,
  • Ask clarifying questions on recently opened issues to move the discussion forward.

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