User Rights and Permissions

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Q. What user roles does the platform support?

Currently, Sunbird users are categorized as:

  • Admin
  • Instructor
  • Learners

The workflows for all user roles can be configured.

Q. How do you get content creation rights on the platform?

The platform has set protocols for user roles and functionalities. The user base follows a certain hierarchy, where the administrators provide rights and permissions to other users, based on need, to accomplish their tasks across the platform.

Strategically, every organization should have designated system administrators, who create and assign rights to organizational administrators, who in turn create roles viz,

  • Content Creator
  • Content Reviewer
  • Flag Reviewer
  • Course Mentor
  • Announcement Sender
  • Course creator
  • Course Admin
  • Org Moderator

Q. What is the difference between the User ID of an administrator and a general user?

User IDs of administrators are not different from any other user. However, the permissions provided to administrators differ from other users.

Q. What data does a content provider see?

While creating content, content providers can see following data:

  • Content creation trend over time (by status - draft, review, published)
  • Single statistics for number of authors
  • Number of reviewers
  • Total content pieces created (by status - draft, review, published)

While viewing content, content providers can see following data:

  • Consumption trend over time
  • Single statistics for number of organization members,
  • Total user visits
  • Total time for content views,
  • Total number of content pieces viewed,
  • Average time spent per user per visit

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