Registration and Enrollment

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Q. How do you sign up on the platform?

Signing up on the platform is a seamless process. Any organized, recognized education or learning body can add their members as registered users of the platform. For example; an organization, NGO, certification body or study centre can add their staff and users as the platform users’.

Successful sign up on the portal is notified to the user via an auto-generated email. User’s credentials viz, User ID and Password is shared through email. The user can reset these details on consecutive login to the protal

Q. How do you integrate organization’s existing user’s database?

This platform allows to integrate the organization’s existing user’s list with the platform. The platform user’s registry is a consolidated list of all users within its registered organizations.

For example; in the case of DIKSHA, an adaptation of Sunbird, to set up the teacher’s registry, these steps are followed:

  1. Collate a list of existing users into a database
  2. Write an email to, with the subject as Setting up Teacher Registry
  3. The team will respond with an information checklist.
  4. Ensure that you have all the requirements on the checklist. The checklist includes information such as:
    • Unique and permanent:
      • Organization ID
      • Username for teacher
      • Teacher ID
    • Verified Email ID and mobile number of the teacher
  5. Defined role of the user (Whether the user is creator, member, admin, reviewer)
  6. Reply to the team’s email at informing them that you have met all the requirements on the checklist
  7. The team will share a document with a link to the github repository to your organization’s registered email ID.
  8. The github repository will contain six APIs.
  9. Install the APIs and run the code from the repository, on the organization’s server
  10. After installation, the organization’s administrator should generate a private and public key
  11. The organization’s administrator should send an email with the public key to
  12. The organization’s administrator should install the private key and run the data on the organization’s server.
  13. Simultaneously this data is integrated on the platform to complete the teacher registry
  14. The organization’s administrator assigns rights and permissions to each registered user

Q. How do you add user’s profile on the platform?

Creating and updating your profile, gives you a unique identity on the platform. This helps the system identify your skill set, experience, location, etc. Providing this information helps the system to send the personalized recommendations to users to select for custom programs, connect to others in the community, build bridges for collaboration, etc. Based on the skill sets, users may choose to create, update or edit their profile information at any time.

To create or update your profile:

  1. Sign up and sign in on the platform
  2. Depending on your organisation, you may already see some information available
  3. Add or edit the following details:
  • Profile Summary
  • Experience
    • Address Details
    • Education Details
    • Additional Information: Example, email, gender, phone number, birthdate, social media links etc

Q. How to check organization or user upload status

On successful upload of the .csv file, a process ID will be generated. To check the status of upload of organizations or users,

  1. Click Profile tab on the header


    Click the Profile Icon and select Profile

  2. Click Check Upload Status
  3. Enter Process ID
  4. Click Check Status

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