Intellectual Property Licenses and Standards

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Who owns content on the platform?

Content creators on the platform can be individuals or organisations. The content creators are owners of the content. All creators should ensure that their work does not violate any rights and possible claims of third parties. They are solely responsible for any violation of third party rights. The platform is not responsible towards any third party for actions or inactions of its user.

Why does the platform follow an open license framework, viz. Creative Commons License framework?

The platform is set up as an open learning platform. Content published on the platform is licensed under the creative commons license framework as an open educational resource.

To make teaching and learning content for teachers free and openly available, and to make it widely accessible in varied languages, the platform follows the creative commons license framework and all content uploaded on platform is licensed under CC-BY 4.0. For details refer to:

Does the platform accept only Shareable Content Reference Model (SCORM) compliant content packages?

The platform accepts all types of content in specified file formats. Currently, SCORM compliance is not mandatory.

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