Content Format

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Q. What content formats are supported on the platform?

Currently, the platform supports the following formats for compiled content:

  • Text (.pdf)
  • Video (.mp4, .webm, YouTube URLs)
  • HTML
  • ECML (created using the inbuilt content editor)
  • EPUB
  • H5P

It also supports the following formats for its resource library:

  • Audio (.mp3)
  • Images (.jpeg, .png)
  • URLs for YouTube videos and other files
  • Videos (.mp4) Later, there will be support for other file formats.

Q. What is the maximum file size supported on the platform?

The platform supports:

Content / File type Maximum File Size (for single file)
Book,Course,Collection,Lesson Plan 250 MB
HTML (as zip files) 50 MB
H5P 50 MB
Video (.mp4, webm) 25 MB
.pdf 25 MB

Q. Do you need to upload only original video content to the platform?

You can upload video content created by other users, provided you have the required permissions from the content creator or copyright holder. The videos should adhere to prescribed guidelines about file formats and size.

Q. Does the platform support direct viewing of YouTube content?

The platform does not support viewing YouTube content directly. You require Internet connectivity to view YouTube videos. However, you can upload YouTube URLs to share YouTube video content.

To do so, go to: Profile>Workspace>Enter YouTube URL>Upload

Q. Does the platform fetch metadata from YouTube?

The platform does not fetch any metadata from YouTube. On uploading the YouTube URL, you need to enter metadata associated with the video.

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