Create Organization and Users

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Master Data Interchange

Sunbird requires some data that currently resides in external SSO systems to provide required functionality to the users who sign in to the platform. For example; in the case of DIKSHA, Sunbird requires data are about organization type (teacher education/training Institutes) and the members of the organizations. Within Sunbird, users are not granted permissions system-wide. User permissions are defined at the level of the organization to which they belong. This allows a user to be a part of many organizations and have different permissions for each organization.

Data Requirements

To make this feasible, Sunbird requires the following information from the integrating party:

  • List of organisations - their names and any unique identifier for them in external system

  • List of members for each organisation - the username, full name and verified email address

  • List of roles of each member in the organisation - Available roles are member, content creator and admin

Organization APIs

Tenants can import their organizations on Sunbird using the organization APIs.

The API has the following resources:

  • Create Organization
  • Update Organization
  • Create User
  • Update User
  • Single Sign-On API

For information on Organization Management APIs, refer Organization Management APIs

User APIs

Tenants can import their users on Sunbird using the user APIs.

The API has the following resources:

  • Create User
  • Search User
  • Fetch User by Login ID
  • Get User by Login ID
  • Updates User
  • Logs in User
  • Logs out User
  • Resets Forgotten Password
  • Add badges to user
  • Changes User Password
  • Adds Users Current Login Time

For information on User APIs, refer User APIs

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