Build and Deploy

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To install Sunbird release-4.6.0, we will need to run many Jenkins jobs and a couple of manual steps. Some of the jobs need to be run in a specific order. This page details out the list of jobs, their order and the github release tags to be used for each job.

Installing Sunbird

Create Plugin Containers / Folder Structure

  • We will create few folders in azure for storing sunbird plugins
  • Our deployment job always tries to delete the folder first before uploading, so we need to have the placeholders before running the jobs
  • We will create the folders by uploading random files from a random folder on your PC
  • Create a public container with the name you have set for the variable sunbird_content_azure_storage_container and run the below commands
  az storage blob upload-batch --destination sunbird_content_azure_storage_container/collection-editor --source some_folder --account-name storage_account_name --account-key storage_account_key

az storage blob upload-batch --destination sunbird_content_azure_storage_container/generic-editor --source some_folder --account-name storage_account_name --account-key storage_account_key

az storage blob upload-batch --destination sunbird_content_azure_storage_container/content-editor --source some_folder --account-name storage_account_name --account-key storage_account_key

az storage blob upload-batch --destination sunbird_content_azure_storage_container/v3/preview --source some_folder --account-name storage_account_name --account-key storage_account_key

  • Upload the default T&C file to sunbird_content_azure_storage_container container in a folder named terms-and-conditions. You can get a copy of the sample T&C file from here. You are free to edit the HTML as per your requirements
  • Create a private container named label in Azure
  • Run the below command in your Jenkins VM where you cloned the sunbird-devops repo
  cd sunbird-devops/utils/portal
az storage blob upload-batch --destination label --source labels --account-name storage_account_name --account-key storage_account_key

Upload Initial Plugins

  • Upload the initial set of plugins to sunbird_content_azure_storage_container container
  • Download the initial Plugins from here
  • Run the below command from the directory where is unzipped
  az storage blob upload-batch --destination sunbird_content_azure_storage_container/content-plugins --source content-plugins --account-name storage_account_name --account-key storage_account_key

  • Create a container named public in your Azure storage account from the Azure portal with public access level
  • Create a container named artifacts in your Azure storage account from the Azure portal with private access level

Upload Maxmind Database to Azure Blob

  • Download the Maxmind city database in zip format from Maxmind website
  • Upload the zip file to the artifacts container in Azure

Code Builds


  • Jenkins will have many jobs which may not be documented or is not suitable for adoption yet
  • Jobs listed on this page is sufficient to setup Sunbird and not every job present in Jenkins is required to be run
  • Jobs can be run in parallel to speed up execution. The only exception is you should NOT run multiple jobs which clone the code from same repo in parallel
  • If you get errors in some of the build jobs, rerun the job again
  • The errors are usually due to missing maven jars or maven repo timeouts
  • If you get errors even after re-running the job, come back to it later, there are other jobs which would generate dependent jars
Jenkins Job to Run Github Tag Github Repo Comments
Build/Core/AdminUtils release-4.5.0_RC3 Handles mobile device registration, refresh token
Build/Core/Analytics release-4.4.1_RC1 Location Register, Location Retrieval
Build/Core/APIManager release-4.4.1_RC2 The API Gateway
Build/Core/ApiManagerEcho master-RC1 Simply echos the request
Build/Core/Assessment release-4.6.0_RC2 Handles course assessments
Build/Core/Bot release-3.9.0_RC1 Frontend for the chatbot
Build/Core/Cassandra release-4.6.0_RC1 Handles the Cassandra database schema
Build/Core/CassandraTrigger release-4.6.0_RC1 Creates few Cassandra Triggers
Build/Core/Cert release-3.5.0_RC2 Handles course certificates
Build/Core/CertRegistryService release-3.4.0_RC1 Helper for Certificate service
Build/Core/Content release-4.6.0_RC2 Handles the Contents and Content Metadata
Build/Core/Dial release-3.7.0_RC2 Handles QR code generation
Build/Core/DiscussionsMiddleware release-4.6.0_RC3 Middleware for discussion forum
Build/Core/EncService release-3.8.0_RC1 Encryption service to setup certificate signing keys
Build/Core/Groups release-4.5.0_RC1 Handles groups functions
Build/Core/Keycloak release-3.8.0_RC1 User authentication service
Build/Core/KnowledgeMW release-4.3.0_RC1 Middleware for Content service
Build/Core/Learner release-4.6.0_RC6 Handles user and organizations
Build/Core/Lms release-4.6.0_RC3 Handles courses
Build/Core/Nodebb github_release_tag: release-4.6.0_RC3, nodebb_branch: v1.16.0 Handles the discussion forum
Build/Core/Notification release-4.6.0_RC2 Handles notifications
Build/Core/Player release-4.6.0_RC25 Handles the UI elements
Build/Core/Print release-3.8.0_RC1 Handles PDF generation of certificates
Build/Core/Proxy release-3.8.0_RC14 Nginx web server / proxy
Build/Core/Report release-3.2.0_RC1 Handles some of the reports
Build/Core/Router release-3.8.0_RC2 Backend for chatbot
Build/Core/Search release-4.6.0_RC2 Handles contents / course search
Build/Core/Taxonomy release-4.6.0_RC2 Handles the taxonomies
Build/Core/Telemetry release-3.3.0_RC1 Handles the telemetry generated
Build/Core/Yarn release-2.6.0 Handles SSO and account merges
Build/KnowledgePlatform/CassandraTrigger release-3.8.0_RC18 Creates few Cassandra Triggers
Build/KnowledgePlatform/FlinkJobs release-4.6.0_RC5 Multiple functions like search indexing, video streaming
Build/KnowledgePlatform/Learning github_release_tag: release-4.5.0_RC11, profile_id: platform-services Handles frameworks
Build/KnowledgePlatform/Neo4j release-4.5.0_RC12 Generates neo4j plugins
Build/KnowledgePlatform/SyncTool release-4.5.0_RC12 Generates a jar to manually sync contents
Build/KnowledgePlatform/Yarn release-4.5.0_RC11 Multiple functions like publishing contents, issuing certificates
Build/DataPipeline/AdhocScripts release-4.5.1_RC1 Generates supporting scripts for reporting
Build/DataPipeline/AnalyticsCore release-4.2.0_RC1 Generates core libraries for reporting
Build/DataPipeline/CoreDataProducts release-4.3.0_RC1 Generates supporting libraries for reporting
Build/DataPipeline/EdDataProducts release-4.6.0_RC2 Generates supporting libraries for reporting
Build/DataPipeline/ETLJobs release-4.5.0_RC2 Extract, Transform, Data Loading jobs
Build/DataPipeline/FlinkPipelineJobs release-4.6.0_RC1 Handles processing of telemetry data
Build/DataPipeline/Secor secor-0.29_RC2 Handlles backup of telemetry data to Azure Blob
Build/Plugins/CollectionEditor release-3.6.0_RC1 A bunch of plugins to handle collection editing
Build/Plugins/ContentEditor release-4.1.0_RC1 A bunch of plugins to edit certain types of content
Build/Plugins/ContentPlayer release-4.6.0_RC1 A bunch of plugins to handle content playback
Build/Plugins/ContentPlugins release-4.6.0_RC2 A bunch of base plugins to support the content editors and content player
Build/Plugins/GenericEditor release-3.6.0_RC1 A bunch of plugins to edit certain types of content

Infra Provision


  • Jobs can be run in parallel to speed up execution. The only exception is you should NOT run multiple jobs which will provision packages on the same server in parallel
Jenkins Job to Run Github Tag Github Repo Comments
OpsAdministration/Core/Bootstrap hosts: env, branch_or_tag: release-4.6.0_RC4, tag: bootstrap_any,node_exporter Creates the deployer user and installs node exporter and python packages for ansible
OpsAdministration/KnowledgePlatform/Bootstrap hosts: env, branch_or_tag: release-4.6.0_RC4, tag: bootstrap_any,node_exporter Creates the deployer user and installs node exporter and python packages for ansible
OpsAdministration/DataPipeline/Bootstrap hosts: env, branch_or_tag: release-4.6.0_RC4, tag: bootstrap_any,node_exporter Creates the deployer user and installs node exporter and python packages for ansible
Provision/Core/ApplicationElasticSearch release-4.6.0_RC4 Installs Elasticsearch used by the applications
Provision/Core/Cassandra release-4.6.0_RC4 Installs Cassandra database
Provision/Core/CassandraExporter release-4.6.0_RC4 Installs Cassandra prometheus exporter
Provision/Core/ESMapping indices_name: all, branch_or_tag: release-4.6.0_RC4 Creates Elasticsearch indices and mappings
Provision/Core/Keycloak release-4.6.0_RC4 Installs java and other pre-requisites for Keycloak service
Provision/Core/LogES release-4.6.0_RC4 Installs Elasticsearch used to store application and VM logs
Provision/Core/MongodbCluster release-4.6.0_RC4 Installs Mongo database
Provision/Core/Postgres release-4.6.0_RC4 Installs Postgres database
Provision/Core/PostgresDbUpdate release-4.6.0_RC4 Creates Postgres tables, schema and users
Provision/KnowledgePlatform/Learning release-4.6.0_RC2 Install tomcat and other pre-requisites for Learning service
Provision/KnowledgePlatform/Neo4j release-4.6.0_RC2 Installs Neo4j database
Provision/KnowledgePlatform/Yarn release-4.6.0_RC2 Install Hadoop and other pre-requisites to run Yarn
Provision/DataPipeline/AnalyticsGeoLocationDBSetup release-4.6.0_RC3, geoip_zip_csv_file_name: Enter the maxmind city database zip file name you uploaded to artifacts container Creates tables and schema in Postgres
Provision/DataPipeline/AnalyticsSpark release-4.6.0_RC3 Install Apache Spark and other pre-requisites for reporting
Provision/DataPipeline/Druid release-4.6.0_RC3, service: Select All, remote: raw Installs Druid
Provision/DataPipeline/InfluxDB release-4.6.0_RC3 Install Influx DB used by monitoring system
Provision/DataPipeline/Kafka release-4.6.0_RC3 Installs Kafka
Provision/DataPipeline/KafkaIndexer release-4.6.0_RC3 Install Logstash to read telemetry data from Kafka and index into Log ES
Provision/DataPipeline/Postgres release-4.6.0_RC3 Installs Postgres database and users
Provision/DataPipeline/PostgresDbUpdate release-4.6.0_RC3 Creates Postgres tables, schema and users
Provision/DataPipeline/Redis release-4.6.0_RC3 Install Redis
Provision/DataPipeline/Zookeeper release-4.6.0_RC3 Installs Zookeeper


  • Every job in the Build directory has a corresponding job in ArtifactUpload directory with the same name
  • These jobs are auto triggered and usually run without issues after the corresponding job in the build directory succeeds
  • The job will fail if your ansible inventory setup is incorrect or incomplete
  • If the job has failed, fix the ansible variables issue and rerun the job to upload the artifact / docker image
  • Ensure the artifact upload jobs are successful before proceeding

Code Deploy


  • We will run the jobs which are a pre-requisite for other jobs first
  • The pre-requisite jobs reside in different folders so we will be jumping across folders
  • Jobs in the Deploy directory can be run in parallel and don’t have any restrictions if the code is from same repo unlike the Build directory
  • Ensure you don’t run those jobs in parallel which modify the databases (such as cassandra, neo4j etc)
Jenkins Job to Run Github Tag Github Repo Comments
Deploy/Kubernetes/BootstrapMinimal release-4.6.0_RC4 Creates namespaces, configmaps and secrets
Deploy/DataPipeline/BootstrapMinimal release-4.6.0_RC3 Creates namespaces, configmaps and secrets
Deploy/Kubernetes/Monitoring branch_or_tag: release-4.6.0_RC4, tag: all Deploys the monitoring stack which can be accessed via DOMAIN/grafana/ post nginx-public-ingress deployment
Deploy/Kubernetes/CassandraTrigger release-4.6.0_RC4 Installs the Cassandra triggers
Deploy/KnowledgePlatform/CassandraTrigger release-4.6.0_RC2 Installs the Cassandra triggers
Deploy/Kubernetes/CassandraDBUpdate release-4.6.0_RC4 Creates / Updates Cassandra DB schema
Deploy/KnowledgePlatform/CassandraDbUpdate release-4.6.0_RC2 Creates / Updates Cassandra DB schema
Deploy/Kubernetes/Cassandra release-4.6.0_RC4 Creates / Updates Cassandra DB schema
Deploy/Kubernetes/KafkaSetup release-4.6.0_RC4 Creates / Updates Kafka Topics
Deploy/DataPipeline/KafkaSetup release-4.6.0_RC3 Creates / Updates Kafka Topics
Deploy/KnowledgePlatform/KafkaSetup release-4.6.0_RC2 Creates / Updates Kafka Topics
Deploy/KnowledgePlatform/Learning release-4.6.0_RC2 Deploys the Learning service on tomcat
Deploy/KnowledgePlatform/Neo4j release-4.6.0_RC2 Deploys the Neo4j plugins
Deploy/KnowledgePlatform/Neo4jDefinitionUpdate release-4.6.0_RC2 Creates / Updates the Neo4j database
Deploy/KnowledgePlatform/Yarn release-4.6.0_RC2 Deploys the Samza jobs
Deploy/KnowledgePlatform/FlinkJobs branch_or_tag: release-4.6.0_RC2, job_names_to_deploy: Select All Deploys the Flink jobs in Kubernetes cluster
Deploy/KnowledgePlatform/LoggingFileBeatsVM branch_or_tag: release-4.6.0_RC4, hosts: Select All, tags: default Deploys filebeat in all the selected VMs
Deploy/Kubernetes/nginx-private-ingress release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys nginx with a private load balancer
Deploy/Kubernetes/APIManager release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys Kong, the API gateway
Deploy/Kubernetes/OnboardAPIs release-4.6.0_RC4 Creates the APIs in Kong
Deploy/Kubernetes/OnboardConsumers release-4.6.0_RC4 Creates the consumers in Kong. Now read the comment mentioned in Core/Secrets.yml against the variable core_vault_sunbird_api_auth_token
Deploy/Kubernetes/Keycloak release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys Keycloak
Deploy/Kubernetes/KeycloakRealm release-4.6.0_RC4 Creates the Sunbird Realm. Now read the comment mentioned in Core/Secrets.yml against the variables core_vault_sunbird_sso_publickey, adminutil_refresh_token_public_key_kid, adminutil_refresh_token_secret_key
Deploy/Kubernetes/BootstrapMongodb release-4.6.0_RC4 Creates the initial token in Mongo database
Deploy/Kubernetes/CertTemplate branch_or_tag: release-4.6.0_RC4, sunbird_util_branch_or_tag: release-4.6.0_RC1 Uploads the certificate templates into Azure blob
Deploy/Kubernetes/UploadChatbotConfig branch_or_tag: release-4.6.0_RC4, bot_repo_branch: master Uploads the chatbot configs to Azure blob
Deploy/Kubernetes/UploadFAQs branch_or_tag: release-4.6.0_RC4, source_folder: Select All Uploads the FAQs to Azure blob
Deploy/Kubernetes/UploadSchema branch_or_tag: release-4.6.0_RC4, kp_branch_or_tag: release-3.8.0_RC9 Uploads the Content schemas to Azure blob
Deploy/Kubernetes/AdminUtils release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys Adminutils service
Deploy/Kubernetes/Analytics release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys Analytics service
Deploy/Kubernetes/APIManagerEcho release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys Echo service
Deploy/Kubernetes/Assessment release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys Assessment service
Deploy/Kubernetes/Bot release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys Bot service
Deploy/Kubernetes/Cert release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys Cert service
Deploy/Kubernetes/CertRegistry release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys CertRegistry service
Deploy/Kubernetes/Content release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys Content service
Deploy/Kubernetes/Dial release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys Dial service
Deploy/Kubernetes/Enc release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys Enc service
Deploy/Kubernetes/Groups release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys Groups service
Deploy/Kubernetes/KnowledgeMW release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys KnowledgeMW service
Deploy/Kubernetes/Learner release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys Learner service
Deploy/Kubernetes/Lms release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys Lms service
Deploy/Kubernetes/Notification release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys Notification service
Deploy/Kubernetes/Player release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys Player service
Deploy/Kubernetes/Print release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys Print service
Deploy/Kubernetes/Report release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys Report service
Deploy/Kubernetes/Router release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys Router service
Deploy/Kubernetes/Search release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys Search service
Deploy/Kubernetes/Taxonomy release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys Taxonomy service
Deploy/Kubernetes/Telemetry release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys Telemetry service
Deploy/Kubernetes/Yarn release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys Samza jobs
Deploy/Kubernetes/LoggingFileBeatsVM branch_or_tag: release-4.6.0_RC4, hosts: Select All, tags: default Deploys filebeat in all the selected VMs
Deploy/Kubernetes/Logging release-4.6.0_RC4 Choose one chartname each time - fluent-bit, kibana, oauth2-proxy. Deploys Fluent Bit, Kibana and Oauth2 Proxy respectively. Kibana can accessed via DOMAIN/dashboard/
Deploy/Kubernetes/nginx-public-ingress release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys the nginx web server. Now you can open visit your domain
Deploy/Kubernetes/Nodebb release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys NodeBB service. Now read the comment mentioned in Core/Secrets.yml against the variable discussionsmw_nodebb_authorization_token
Deploy/Kubernetes/DiscussionsMW release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys DiscussionsMW service
Deploy/Plugins/CollectionEditor release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys CollectionEditor files to Azure blob
Deploy/Plugins/ContentEditor release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys ContentEditor files to Azure blob
Deploy/Plugins/ContentPlayer release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys ContentPlayer files to Azure blob
Deploy/Plugins/ContentPlugins release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys ContentPlugins files to Azure blob
Deploy/Plugins/GenericEditor release-4.6.0_RC4 Deploys GenericEditor files to Azure blob
Deploy/DataPipeline/AdhocScripts release-4.6.0_RC3 Deploys AdHoc scripts in Spark VM
Deploy/DataPipeline/AnalyticsCore release-4.6.0_RC3 Deploys jars in Spark VM
Deploy/DataPipeline/CoreDataProducts release-4.6.0_RC3 Deploys jars in Spark VM
Deploy/DataPipeline/DruidIngestion branch_or_tag: release-4.6.0_RC3, ingestion_task_names: Select All Deploys and starts Druid ingestion tasks. This job will be updated in a couple of days. Please wait until then
Deploy/DataPipeline/EdDataProducts release-4.6.0_RC3 Deploys jars in Spark VM
Deploy/DataPipeline/ETLJobs release-4.6.0_RC3 Deploys ETL scripts in Spark VM
Deploy/DataPipeline/ETLDruidContentIndexer release-4.6.0_RC3 Deploys ETLDruidContentIndexer
Deploy/DataPipeline/ETLUserCacheIndexer release-4.6.0_RC3 Deploys ETLUserCacheIndexer
Deploy/DataPipeline/Secor release-4.6.0_RC3 Deploys Secor Statefulsets in Kubernetes cluster
Deploy/DataPipeline/FlinkPipelineJobs release-4.6.0_RC3 Deploys Flink jobs Kubernetes cluster
Deploy/DataPipeline/GraphitePrometheusExporter release-4.6.0_RC3 Deploys graphite prometheus exporter in Druid VM
Deploy/Kubernetes/LoggingFileBeatsVM branch_or_tag: release-4.6.0_RC4, hosts: Select All, tags: default Deploys filebeat in all the selected VMs

Post Installation Steps

Jenkins Job to Run Github Tag Github Repo Comments
OpsAdministration/Core/PostInstallScript branch_or_tag: release-4.6.0_RC4 Creates the default forms, framework, users, channel, licenses etc. Please ensure you provide all the values that the job requires. You need to also ensure the script is successful by closely inspecting the output line by line on the Jenkins console log. You can also take a look at the script and API’s and create your own data if you don’t require the default values.
Deploy/DataPipeline/AnalyticsPopulatePSQLConsumerChannelMapping release-4.6.0_RC3, channel_id: your sunbird organisation id, consumer_id: kong consumer id Adds kong consumer in postgres Analytics DB to whitelist some of the API’s. You can get the kong cosumer id by querying in postgres on kong db select * from consumers where username = 'api-admin';

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