Ansible Variables

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Ansible is the configuration management system used in Sunbird. The infrastructure setup, deployment of services and other configurations is handled primarily through ansible.

Updating the Private Repository with Hosts and Variables

Use the following git commands sequentially to clone and update your private GitHub repository -

  git clone
cd sunbird-devops
git checkout tags/release-4.3.0 -b release-4.3.0

  • Copy the directory sunbird-devops/private_repo/ansible to your private repo

  • Update the files common.yml, hosts, and secrets.yml under Core, KnowledgePlatform and DataPipeline directories. After updating, push them to your private repo branch
  • Your private repo structure starting from the root path should be exactly as shown below
└── inventory
    └── dev
        ├── Core
        │   ├── common.yml
        │   ├── hosts
        │   └── secrets.yml
        ├── DataPipeline
        │   ├── common.yml
        │   ├── hosts
        │   └── secrets.yml
        └── KnowledgePlatform
            ├── common.yml
            ├── hosts
            └── secrets.yml


  • The ansible inventory setup is a must before we can start to run jobs from the Provision, ArtifactUpload and Deploy directory in Jenkins. The Build directory on Jenkins does not depend on the ansible variables
  • It is highly recommended that you complete the ansible inventory updates before proceeding further

List of Servers with their Ansible Group Names

Module Servers Service Ansible Group Names
Build and Deploy Server-1 Jenkins Master
Databases Server-2 Cassandra cassandra-1, lp-cassandra, dp-cassandra, core-cassandra, report-cassandra, cassandra-node-1, cassandra
Postgres postgresql-master-1, postgresql-master, postgres
Application Elasticsearch es-1, composite-search-cluster, core-es-1, core-es, es-backup, es
Neo4j learning-neo4j-node1, learning-neo4j-cluster
Mongo mongo_master, mongo
Knowledge Platform Server-3 Learning learning1, learning, learningall
Redis redis1, redis, redis-ps, redisall, lp-redis, lp-redis-ps, dp-redis, lms-redis, redis-exporter-targets
Zookeeper processing-cluster-zookeepers, ingestion-cluster-zookeeper, raw-zookeeper, zookeeper
Kafka processing-cluster-kafka, ingestion-cluster-kafka, kafka-1, kafka
Data Pipeline Server-4 Spark spark
Kafka Indexer (Logstash) kafka-indexer
InfluxDB influxdb
Keycloak keycloak-1, keycloak
Yarn Server-5 Yarn Master and Slave yarn-master, yarn-slave, yarn
Other Services Server-6 Druid druid-postgres, raw-coordinator, raw-overlord, raw-broker, raw-historical, raw-middlemanager, raw-graphite, rollup-coordinator, dp-druid-broker, broker, coordinator, druid-raw
Logs Elasticsearch log-es-1, log-es-backup, log-es

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