Onboarding API Consumers

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Sunbird has the provision to register and provide user credentials (user ID and password) to organizations, such as states, NGO, corporates and other institutes or organizations.

The organizations take a policy decision to allow or disallow registering single individual users. Contact your organization administrator for details.

Onboarding New API Consumer

1.Open sunbird-devops/ansible/roles/kong-consumer/defaults/main.yml

2.Add a new object in kong_consumers variable.


  • username: api-management-test #change this according to API consumer groups: “” # or array of groups needed for API consumer state: present

3.For the term groups in the above example, use the list of whitelisted groups from the following table to decide API consumer access:

Mobile Administrator Group Mobile App Group Mobile Device Group Integration Partner Groups Implementation User Groups
Mobile Administrator Mobile App Content User Echo User Content Administrator
    Course User Org Administrator Content User
    App Administrator Org User User Adminidtrator
    Config User User Administrator Public User
    Public User Public User Org Administrator
    User Administrator Data Admin Org User
    Content Administrator Domain User  
      DIAL Code Administrator  
      App Administrator  

Note: The jwt_token.txt file is in the location home directory of the administration server. This file contains the jwt tokens for all the services.

Recreating JWT Tokens

If you forget or lose the JWT token, you can retrieve it from the jwt_token.txt file that is in the home directory of the adminstration server.

Removing API Consumer from Sunbird

1.Open sunbird-devops/ansible/roles/kong-consumer/defaults/main.yml 2.Search for the user in the kong_consumers array 3.Change the state to absent.


  • username: state: absent

4.Run OnboardAPI job for onboarding API’s and OndboardConsumer job for onboarding consumers.

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