Mobile App Installation Setup

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The Sunbird Mobile app provides mobility to its feature-rich learning platform. It provides learners with the flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime.


1.To set up Sunbird mobile app, ensure you have installed the following:
 a) NPM Version - 6.+
 b) Node JS Version - 8.+
 c) Cordova Version - 8.+
 d) Ionic Version - 4.11.2
2. Generate the key and secret for the mobile app user using the JWT token of the mobile admin user. Run the OnboardConsumers Jenkins Job and take the jwt token(JWT token for mobile_admin) from Jenkins Output.

Generating Secret: Execute the listed API to generate the key and secret for the mobile app:

curl -X POST \ <your-sunbird-base-url>/api/api-manager/v1/consumer/mobile_app/credential/register \ -H ‘authorization: Bearer <mobile_admin_jwt_token_from_jenkins_job_output>’ \ -H ‘content-type: application/json’ \ -d ‘{ “request”: { “key”: “<implementation-name>-mobile-app- <version-number>” } }’

Response body:


Use the key and secret from the response given for MOBILE_APP_KEY and MOBILE_APP_SECRET configuration in respective environments in file. Example:

dev_mobile_app_key = “<implementation-name>-mobile-app-<version-number>” dev_mobile_app_secret = “<secret>“

Producer Key

Replace the producer id PRODUCER_ID for respective environments in

Fabric credentials:

Replace release_fabric_api_key in with your fabric API Key. Create an account in and register in the app to get the API key.

Set up mobile app workspace from Git Repository

Sunbird mobile app can be built from the main source code which is available at SunbirdEd-mobile-app.

Customising App Configuration

Instance admin of Sunbird adopters can configure various aspects of the Sunbird mobile app based on the requirement of the the organization. The admin are able to configure various aspects such as:

  • App name
  • App logo
  • Login/Guest page to new users
  • Sign in footer card on the app
  • Onboarding cards
  • Categories in the profile page
S No. Variable Name Description Purpose Default Value
1 dev_app_id/staging_app_id/production_app_id The app ID in the SunbirdEd-mobile-app/buildConfig/ file with the implementation-specific application ID To change the app ID appId: “”
2 app name Navigate to the SunbirdEd-mobile-app/config.xml file and enter the required app name To change the app name  
3 app logo Navigate to SunbirdEd-mobile-app/resources/android/icon Replace the ic_launcher.png image with your desired logo in all the mipmap and drawable folders. The logo name should be drawable-ldpi-icon.png To change the app logo
4 splash image Navigate to SunbirdEd-mobile-app/resources/android/splash Replace the drawable-ldpi-icon.png, drawable-hdpi-icon.png, drawable-xhdpi-icon.png image with your desired image. To change the splash image
5 app Set the configuration variable in the SunbirdEd-mobile-app repo file in the buildConfig folder    
6 app version code Version code for the app release To customize the end points in the app Replace redirect base url REDIRECT_BASE_URL and all other base urls with your respective domain name in
7 deep link schema This plugin handles deeplinks on iOS and Android for both custom URL scheme links and Universal App Links. Deep link schema can be changed from Change the “dev_deeplink_base_url =” to the required name  
8 display_onboarding_page set the configuration variable inside the SunbirdEd-mobile-app repo inside buildConfig folder to display the onboarding page false
9 display_signin_footer_card_in_course_tab_for_teacher set the display_signin_footer_card_in_course_tab_for_teachervariable as true in file to show the sign-in footer in the course tab for teachers false
10 display_signin_footer_card_in_library_tab_for_teacher Set the display_signin_footer_card_in_library_tab_for_teacher variable true in file to show the sign-in footer in the library tab for teachers false
11 display_signin_footer_card_in_profile_tab_for_teacher Set the display_signin_footer_card_in_profile_tab_for_teacheras true in file to show the sign-in footer in the profile tab for teachers false
12 display_signin_footer_card_in_profile_tab_for_student Set the display_signin_footer_card_in_profile_tab_for_studentas true in file to show the sign-in footer in the profile tab for students false
13 display_signin_footer_card_in_library_tab_for_student Set the display_signin_footer_card_in_library_tab_for_studentas true in file to show the sign-in footer in the profile tab for students false
14 display_onboarding_card set the display__onboarding_cards as true in file to display the guest/login page false
15 display_framework_categories_in_profile set the display_framework_categories_in_profile variable as true in file to display categories in the guest/login page false
16 track_user_telemetry Variable used to track user telemetry. Used to track telemetry that is missing at the device level so as to generate greater usage context within the instance. Set the variable as true in the file to enable tracking. false
17 content_streaming_enabled Variable used to enable content streaming Used to enable content streaming. Set the variable as true in the file to enable content streaming false
18 open_rapdiscovery_enabled Variable used to enable OPENRAP discovery Used to enable OPENRAP discovery. Set the variable as true in the file to enable OPENRAP discovery false
19 display_onboarding_category_page Variable used to enable onboarding category selection page Used to onboarding category selection page in the onboarding process. Set the variable as true in the file to enable onboarding category selection page. false
20 display_onboarding_scan_page Variable used to enable onboarding scan page. Used to enable onboarding scan page in the onboarding process. Set the variable as true in the file to onboarding scan page false
21 support_email Variable used to set Used to set the support email id. Set the variable as <valid_email_id> in the file to set support email id <valid_email_id>
22 dev_custom_scheme/staging_custom_scheme/production_custom_scheme Scheme used to redrirect chrome custom tab back to mobile app   “”

Packaging Framework and Form Data

Sunbird mobile app supports configuration of the app framework to enable offline usage of the app. To configure the app framework, adopter needs to package the channel for the respective framework. Details of the file naming convention and folder location are given below:

S No. Folder File Name Purpose
1 buildConfig/data/framework framework-<FRAMEWORK_IDENTIFIER<.json To package the channel for the respective framework. Same framework must be listed in the channel’s suggestedFramework list
2 buildConfig/data/channel channel-<CHANNEL_IDENTIFIER>.json To package the channel. To support offline usage custodianOrgId channel must be included in the bundle
3 buildConfig/data/form pageassemble_course_filter.json Page assemble filter for course
4 buildConfig/data/form pageassemble_library_filter.json Page assemble filter for library
5 buildConfig/data/system <system-setting-custodianOrgId>.json custodianOrgId channelid for the mobile app
6 buildConfig/data/system system-setting-courseFrameworkId.json courseFrameworkId for the TPD workflow
7 buildConfig/data/notificationconfig local_notofocation_config.json Configuration for local Notification setup in mobile

Installing the Mobile Application

1.Create a workspace (Folder Hierarchy) and clone the Git repositories into this folder

2.Execute the instructions mentioned for each cloned repository

3.Open terminal and change the directory to “SunbirdEd-mobile-app”

4.Add one device to the system

5.Run the command- $ ionic cordova run android

Generate Multiple Sunbird Apps

As a Sunbird instance owner, owner should be able to generate multiple apps for multiple environments(dev/qa/production) so that user can use all the apps simultaneously. For each app, user should be able to have different content stores (on the local device), fire telemetry from separate app identifiers and upload to playstore (if need be).


Instance admin of Sunbird adopters can configure the appId in the following way to acheive the functionality

  • dev_app_id =
  • staging_app_id =
  • production_app_id =

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