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XYZ Corp, is a global conglomerate with over ten thousand employees, spread across 7 locations. Employee training and enablement is one of the core values of the organization. Before the organization opted to use the Sunbird platform, employees accessed another legacy system that to train and upskill themselves. The legacy system has a large repository of content artifacts. These artifacts have to be uploaded into Sunbird so that employees can access them, even through Sunbird. The organization also creates content artifacts and courses using multiple resources on an ongoing basis. Content and course creators also need to upload all such new content into Sunbird.


  • An intialized Sunbird instance with channel
  • The API Key for access and basic authentication
  • Software that can make API calls like curl or POSTMAN
  • Content creation access
  • Content artifacts with a unique object ID

Intended Audience

  • Content Creator: Users who have permissions to create, manage, and upload content artifacts

  • Content Reviewer: Users who have permissions to review and publish content artifacts

Note: Reviewers cannot change any content. They can only send review comments to content creators for modifications or publish the content artifact directly, if no modifications are required.


Sunbird allows you to assign users with roles that have appropriate permissions to create, store, upload or consume content. Users with content creation rights can create and upload content on Sunbird.

Currently, the Sunbird platform supports the following content formats:

  • Text (.pdf)

  • Audio (.mp3)

  • Images (.jpeg, .png)

  • Video (.mp4, .webm, YouTube URLs)

  • HTML

  • ECML (created using the inbuilt content editor)

  • EPUB

  • H5P

Note: Currently, you can upload files with a maximum file size of 50MB per file. More file formats will be supported in future versions of Sunbird.

Sunbird validates every content artifact that is uploaded using metadata. Hence, it is mandatory to tag each file with the following metadata before it is uploaded:

  • Content Type

  • Mime Type

You can upload video content owned by others, if:

  • you have the required permissions from the original creator

  • it adheres to prescribed content guidelines

  • it is in the accepted file format

  • it is within the prescribed size limit


To upload new or existing content (that is not created using Sunbird’s inbuilt content editor) on to Sunbird, use the Upload Content API. Before you upload the content, ensure that it is appropriately tagged with metadata and ownership information.

Uploading Content Using API

This API is associated with uploading content on the Sunbird Platform.

  • The _/upload/{content_ID} endpoint executes the Upload Content request based on validated content metadata associated with the uploaded file

  • Specify a valid value in the {Content Id} field of API URL

  • Specify values for all the mandatory form data parameters

Path Parameters:

Path Parameter Parameter Type Description Sample Value Is Mandatory
Content ID String Content ID of the Request URL do_11258058227713638416 Yes

Form Data Parameters:

Path Parameter Parameter Type Description Sample Value Is Mandatory
file String The name of the content file that you want to upload sample.pdf Yes

Header Parameter

Header Parameter Parameter Type Description Sample Value Is Mandatory
Content-Type String The content type entity is the media type of the resource. Possible media types are multipart or form-data Multipart, form-data Yes
X-Authenticated-Userid String Represents the registered User ID authorized to execute the API userName Yes
Authorization String To make use of the API, you require authorization. Raise a request to the administrator for the use of the API. You will receive the authorization key. Specify the key received. api_key Yes
ts String Time Stamp at which upload request was sent 2018-09-05T10:55:22Z Yes

Request Body

key: file value: file path (Ex: /Users/john/Documents/test.pdf)

Note: Below is the sample cURL of the complete request.

  curl -X POST \
  https://xyz.org/api/content/v1/upload/<CONTENT_ID> \
  -H 'Authorization: <AUTH_TOKEN>' \
  -H 'X-Authenticated-User-Token: <USER_TOKEN>' \
  -H 'cache-control: no-cache' \
  -H 'content-type: multipart/form-data;' \
  -F file=@/Users/john/Documents.pdf

Response Body (Upload Content API)

   "id": "xyz.learning.content.upload",
   "ver": "3.0",
   "ts": "2018-09-05T10:55:22ZZ",
   "params": {
       "resmsgid": "d6dui5d1-60u8-4a79-23f9-78796195c2h7",
       "msgid": null,
       "err": null,
       "status": "successful",
       "errmsg": null
   "responseCode": "OK",
   "result": {
       "content_url": "https://xyz-public-prod.s3-ap-south-1.amazonaws.com/content/do_112534095400542340156583/artifact/highq_153614492126723.pdf",

       "node_id": "do_112534095400542340156583",
       "versionKey": "153614492126723"



For the youtube content or file url, pass it as file Url in Upload API or set the artifact Url of the content using Update Content API**

After uploading the content, publish the content using **Publish Content API**.

Request Body (Publish Content API)


 "request": {

 "content": {

   "lastPublishedBy": "sunbird",

   "publishChecklist": [
       "No Hate speech, Abuse, Violence,Profanity"
       "No Vulgarity",
       "No Discrimination or Defamation",
       "Is suitable for children",
       "Appropriate Title, Description",
       "Correct Board, Grade, Subject, Medium",
       "Appropriate tags such as Resource Type, Concepts",
       "Relevant Keywords",
       "Content plays correctly",
       "Can see the content clearly on Desktop and App",
       "Audio (if any) is clear and easy to understand",
       "No Spelling mistakes in the text",
       "Language is simple to understand"

Response Body (Publish Content API)

"result": {
"node_id": "string",
"versionKey": "string"
"id": ""xyz.learning.content.publish",
"ver": "3.0",
"ts": "2018-09-14T10:44:43ZZ",
"params": {
"resmsgid": "d3415c1a-94c6-4dc7-9c28-3e0dac767ee3",
"msgid": "null",
"err": "null",
"status": "string",
"errmsg": "null"
"responseCode": "OK",<br> "result":
  "publishStatus": "Publish Operation for Content Id 'do_2125903396473978881177' Started Successfully!",<br>
  "node_id": "do_2125903396473978881177"<br>
}   }

Note: Reviewer has the right to publish content. Use the ID of any approved reviewer as the publisher user ID.

Response Code:

200 SUCCESS: The upload content operation is successful!

400 ‘BAD REQUEST: The upload content operation failed. It indicates you may have missed input for some mandatory parameter.

500 ‘INTERNAL SERVER ERROR: We track these errors automatically and try to set it right at the earliest. Try refreshing the page. If the problem stil persists, contact us at info@sunbird.org.

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