Creating Announcements

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Sunbird enables tenant organizations announce events, courses, news, circulars, etc. to all or select members, in all or some of the organization’s operative locations. Only members with required administrative permissions can create, publish and delete announcements. To enable effective use of the announcements feature, it is therefore necessary to set up the appropriate parameters.

To configure the announcements feature, users must have administrator access to the Sunbird portal and access and authoriztion to use:

  • Organization APIs
  • Locations APIs
  • Create Object APIs

Note: To effectively work with APIs, the administrator should be familiar with JSON structures and relevant tools to call APIs, like the Postman tool.


  • Association of Users with their respective Organisations

  • Creation of Location as individual entities

The Announcements feature does not support location hierarchy. While targeting an announcement, all locations are available in a flat structure irrespective of location type in the database.

  • Associate Organisations with their respective Locations.

The process to establish a corelation between the organization and its location is as follows:

1.Create Location in Sunbird

Note: To create locations, refer to Geo Location APIs.

2.On successful creation of a location, you will get a locationId 3.Use the locationId to create or update an organization

Note To create organizations, refer to Organization Management APIs

Creating Announcement Types

Announcements are categorised into different types, for example; orders, circulars, holidays, news etc. There must be atleast one announcement type created for the organization to enable the administrator to send an announcement. Announcement types are created as per the requirements of the tenant organization.

Note To create announcement types, refer to Manage Announcement Type APIs

Assigning Roles to User(s)

To send announcements, it is essential that a user is assigned the role of an announcement sender.

Step Screen
1. Log in with registered Administrator credentials
2. On the Home page, click Profile
1. Search for users, to whom you want to assign the role
2. Click Edit
1. In the Select Role screen, select Announcement Sender
2. Click Update to assign the role</td>

Note: For details on other announcement features and their use, refer to the Announcement section.

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