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This page details out the jobs required to be run as part of the upgrade from Sunbird and Vidaydaan release 4.3.0 to release 4.4.0. Use the following table to understand the jobs that need to be executed in order to successfully complete the upgrade. Any jenkins job configuration or pre-requisites mentioned under manual configuration section needs to be done first before running any of the mentioned jobs. The order of the jobs should also be run as shown below. They can be run in parallel to speed up the execution.

Variables for Sunbird

Variable Name Service Name Comments
sunbird_default_file_size Player Update in Core/common.yml
The default value is 150
Add new ACL to Vidyadaan consumer OnboardConsumers Add under VDN consumer grouprefreshTokenCreate
uci_api_admin_token transformer, uci-api Update in Core/Common.yml
The value can be generated using
hasura_graphql_admin_secret transformer, uci-api Update in Core/Common.yml
The value can be generated using
fusionauth_service_admin_key transformer, uci-api Update in Core/Common.yml
The value can be generated using
uci_encryption_key_base64 transformer, uci-api Update in Core/Common.yml
The value can be generated using
uci_encryption_key_string transformer, uci-api Update in Core/Common.yml
The value can be generated using
uci_odk_user okd Update in Core/Common.yml
uci_odk_password okd Update in Core/Common.yml
The value can be generated using
uci_kafka_topic_create UCI Update in Core/Common.yml
uci_go_to_start_char transformer Update in Core/Common.yml
uci_one_level_up_char transformer Update in Core/Common.yml

Build and Deploy for Sunbird

Service to be Build Build Tag Service to Deploy Deploy Tag Comments
Build/Plugins/ContentPlayer release-4.4.0_RC1 Deploy/Plugins/ContentPlayer release-4.4.0_RC4  
Build/Plugins/ContentPlugins release-4.4.0_RC5 Deploy/Plugins/ContentPlugins release-4.4.0_RC4  
    Deploy/Core/KafkaSetup release-4.4.0_RC4  
    Deploy/Kubernetes/Keycloak release-4.4.0_RC4  
    Provision/Core/ESMapping release-4.4.0_RC4  
Build/Mobile/Sunbird-IONIC-Mobile-App release-4.4.0_RC22      
Build/Core/OfflineInstaller release-4.4.0_RC32 Deploy/Core/OfflineInstaller release-4.4.0_RC4  
Build/Core/Cassandra release-4.4.0_RC2 Deploy/Kubernetes/Cassandra release-4.4.0_RC4  
Build/Kubernetes/Assessment release-4.4.0_RC3 Deploy/Kubernetes/Assessment release-4.4.0_RC5  
Deploy/Kubernetes/Content release-4.4.0_RC3 Deploy/Kubernetes/Content release-4.4.0_RC5  
Build/Kubernetes/DiscussionsMW release-4.4.0_RC4 Deploy/Kubernetes/DiscussionsMW release-4.4.0_RC4  
Build/Kubernetes/Groups release-4.4.0_RC4 Deploy/Kubernetes/Groups release-4.4.0_RC4  
Build/Kubernetes/Learner release-4.4.0_RC11 Deploy/Kubernetes/Learner release-4.4.0_RC4  
Build/Kubernetes/Nodebb release-4.4.0_RC3
nodebb_version: v1.16.0
Deploy/Kubernetes/Nodebb release-4.4.0_RC4  
Build/Kubernetes/Notification release-4.4.0_RC5 Deploy/Kubernetes/Notification release-4.4.0_RC4  
Build/Kubernetes/Player release-4.4.0_RC32 Deploy/Kubernetes/Player release-4.4.0_RC5  
Build/Kubernetes/Search release-4.4.0_RC2 Deploy/Kubernetes/Search release-4.4.0_RC5  
Build/Kubernetes/Taxonomy release-4.4.0_RC2 Deploy/Kubernetes/Taxonomy release-4.4.0_RC5  
    Deploy/managed-learn/ml-analytics-service release-4.4.0_RC4
Build/managed-learn/ml-core-service release-4.4.0_RC8 Deploy/managed-learn/ml-core-service release-4.4.0_RC4  
Build/managed-learn/ml-projects-service release-4.4.0_RC9 Deploy/managed-learn/ml-projects-service release-4.4.0_RC4  
Build/managed-learn/ml-reports-service release-4.4.0_RC4 Deploy/managed-learn/ml-reports-service release-4.4.0_RC4  
Build/managed-learn/ml-survey-service release-4.4.0_RC4 Deploy/managed-learn/ml-survey-service release-4.4.0_RC4  
Build/UCI/Utils release-4.4.0_RC1     From here some build jobs needs to be run in sequence
Build/UCI/message-rosa release-4.4.0_RC1     sequence-2
Build/UCI/dao release-4.4.0_RC1     sequence-3
Build/UCI/Adapter release-4.4.0_RC1     sequence-4
Build/UCI/Inbound release-4.4.0_RC1 Deploy/UCI/Inbound release-4.4.0_RC4  
Build/UCI/odk release-4.4.0_RC1 Deploy/UCI/odk release-4.4.0_RC4  
Build/UCI/Outbound release-4.4.0_RC1 Deploy/UCI/Outbound release-4.4.0_RC4  
Build/UCI/Orchestrator release-4.4.0_RC1 Deploy/UCI/Orchestrator release-4.4.0_RC4  
Build/UCI/Transformer release-4.4.0_RC1 Deploy/UCI/Transformer release-4.4.0_RC4  
Build/UCI/UCI release-4.4.0_RC1 Deploy/UCI/UCI release-4.4.0_RC4  
    Deploy/UCI/fusionauth release-4.4.0_RC4  
    Deploy/UCI/gql release-4.4.0_RC4  
    Deploy/Kubernetes/LoggingFileBeatsVM release-4.4.0_RC4  
    Deploy/Kubernetes/Logging release-4.4.0_RC4  
    Deploy/Kubernetes/OnboardAPIs release-4.4.0_RC4  
    Deploy/Kubernetes/OnboardConsumers release-4.4.0_RC4  
    OpsAdministration/Core/GraylogMongoImport release-4.4.0_RC4  
Build/KnowledgePlatform/FlinkJobs release-4.4.0_RC3 Deploy/KnowledgePlatform/FlinkJobs release-4.4.0_RC5 Deploy all flink jobs
Build/KnowledgePlatform/Learning release-4.4.0_RC5 Deploy/KnowledgePlatform/Learning release-4.4.0_RC5  
Build/KnowledgePlatform/Yarn release-4.4.0_RC5 Deploy/KnowledgePlatform/Yarn release-4.4.0_RC5  
BuildDataPipeline/AnalyticsCore release-4.4.0_RC2 Deploy/DataPipeline/AnalyticsCore release-4.4.0_RC2  
Build/DataPipeline/CoreDataProducts release-4.4.0_RC1 Deploy/DataPipeline/CoreDataProducts release-4.4.0_RC2  
Build/DataPipeline/EdDataProducts release-4.4.0_RC3 Deploy/DataPipeline/EdDataProducts release-4.4.0_RC2  

Manual Configurations for Sunbird

Manual Step Instruction
User Feed Migration Run manually with the help of documentaion in spark machine
SB-26190 : UserFeed Migration Script
Adding UCI folder in private repo Create UCI folder under specific env and create symlinks from core folder
Create jenkins jobs related to UCI Create Build, ArtifactUpload and Deploy jobs for UCI services from below
Github Link
Create postgres DB’s for UCI services Change username based on env
create database "uci-botdb";
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE "uci-botdb" to sunbirdstaging;
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE "uci-botdb" to "sunbirdstaging@sunbirdstaging-postgres";

create database "uci-formsdb";
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE "uci-formsdb" to sunbirdstaging;
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE "uci-formsdb" to "sunbirdstaging@sunbirdstaging-postgres";

create database "uci-fusionauth";
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE "uci-fusionauth" to sunbirdstaging;
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE "uci-fusionauth" to "sunbirdstaging@sunbirdstaging-postgres";

create database "uci-odk-aggregate";
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE "uci-odk-aggregate" to sunbirdstaging;
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE "uci-odk-aggregate" to "sunbirdstaging@sunbirdstaging-postgres";
Create cassandra keyspace for UCI Use below command to create keyspace
Settingup FusionAuth after UCI service deployments Setting up Fusionauth and adding API Key
kubectl get services --namespace=<env> | grep fusionauth-frontend
Go to the Public IP above http://<IP>:9011/admin/setup-wizard

Setup Fusionauth with the following fields.
First Name - UCI-Staging
Last Name - Sunbird
Email - <respective email>
Pass: generate using

Go to the http://<IP>:9011/admin/api-key/add and add the API
Key - by creating a new API Key.
update existing variable in core/common.yml, do not add new variable enable_tenant_config “*” : It will allow for all tenants
current value is "OFF"
we are disabling it in the current release so use OFF value in preprod and prod
Truncate portal.sessions cassandra table TRUNCATE portal.sessions;
Remove the backup / snapshot folder on every node after truncate
Example: rm -rf /var/lib/cassandra/data/portal/sessions-9811ae90915711eb85b423bdb45bf1b8/snapshots/truncated-1635236404732-sessions
Cassandra data migration from userProfileType to userProfileTypes Follow steps mentioned in below link
ES reindexing for user is required to be updated Jenkins job : Provision/job/dev/job/Core/job/ESMapping/
provide indices_name : userv3
In es_files options choose : indices, mappings, pipelines
Follow mentioned steps SB-26823
Move ESMapping job from OpsAdministration folder to Provision Folder Github Link
Update ESMapping jenkins job config from this PR Github Link
System Setting update to support new sms DLT templateId as per this tkt SB-27415 Execute command mentioned in Link
SB-26424 : Data migration for existing users - Consent status to be updated for sso users with multiple externalids” Execute steps mentioned in SB-26424
Add new option for Logging VM job Check below PR
Upgrade postgres to version 11 in staging Follow below steps for upgrade
Note: The below jobs are applicable only if you are running Vidyadaan infrastructure

Variables for Vidyadaan

Variable Name Service Name Comments
dock_default_file_size sourcing portal Default Value: 150
dock_default_video_size sourcing portal Default Value: 15000
Add new ACL to Vidyadaan consumer refreshTokenCreate This has to be done on sunbird environment
sunbird_api_auth_token   Grant refersh token API access to bearer mapped for this variable
use_sunbird_kong_token   Default Value is true, which disables the feature.
Please make it true to enable new auth token structure. Ref
sunbird_domain_name sourcing portal eg:

Build and Deploy for Vidayadaan

Service to be Build Build Tag Service to Deploy Deploy Tag Comments
Build/Plugins/Content-plugins release-4.4.0_RC3 Deploy/Plugins/Content-plugins release-4.4.0-vdn  
    Deploy/Dock/Kubernetes/OnboardConsumers release-4.4.0-vdn  
    Deploy/Kubernetes/OnboardAPIs release-4.4.0-vdn  
    Deploy/Kubernetes/UploadSchemas release-4.4.0-vdn
kp_branch_or_tag: release-4.4.0_RC53
    Deploy/Kubernetes/Upload_CollectionHierarchy_CSV release-4.4.0_RC4  
    Deploy/KnowledgePlatform/KafkaSetup release-4.4.0_RC5  
Build/Dock/Assessment release-4.4.0_RC2 Deploy/Kubernetes/Assessment release-4.4.0-vdn  
Build/Dock/Content release-4.4.0_RC2 Deploy/Kubernetes/Content release-4.4.0-vdn  
Build/Dock/Player release-4.4.0_RC53 Deploy/Kubernetes/Player release-4.4.0-vdn  
Build/Dock/Program release-4.4.0_RC5 Deploy/Kubernetes/Program release-4.4.0-vdn  
Build/Dock/Search release-4.4.0_RC2 Deploy/Kubernetes/Search release-4.4.0-vdn  
Build/Dock/Taxonomy release-4.4.0_RC2 Deploy/Kubernetes/Taxonomy release-4.4.0-vdn  
Build/Dock/KnowledgePlatform/FlinkJobs release-4.4.0_RC3 Deploy/KnowledgePlatform/FlinkJobs release-4.4.0_RC5 Deploy all flink jobs
Build/Dock/KnowledgePlatform/Learning release-4.4.0_RC5 Deploy/KnowledgePlatform/Learning release-4.4.0_RC5  
Build/Dock/KnowledgePlatform/Yarn release-4.4.0_RC5 Deploy/KnowledgePlatform/Yarn release-4.4.0_RC5  
    Deploy/Kubernetes/PostgresqlMigration release-4.4.0_RC5  

Manual Configurations for Vidyadaan

Manual Step Instruction
Create Upload_CollectionHierarchy_CSV jenkins job PR Link
Upgrade postgres to version 11 in vdn staging Follow below steps Link
Please update the Question Paper collection category definition
in Dock staging Category Definition details
Category defination updates in VDN Ref:

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