Mobile App Forms

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Forms in Mobile App

The following table lists down the available forms in Mobile app component:

Form Description Type Subtype Action Component
Force/Optional Upgrade This form is used to save/update/read or force/optional app upgrade app install upgrade app
Filter config for Course filter This form is used to get filter for courses pageAssemble course filter app
Filter config for Library filter This form is used to filter for library pageAssemble library filter app

Input & Data Types

The following table lists down the supported input types with corresponding data types in Mobile app component:

Data Type Input Type
String text, number
List fields, range
type force, optional

JSON Structure definitions

The following table lists down the example JSON structure with descriptions for each form in the Mobile app component:

Property Name Type Description Default Value Example
templateName string The default template used for the form NA defaultTemplate, defaultApp UpgradeTemplate
code string Unique identifier of the field on the form NA upgrade, syllabus, topic, purpose etc
name string Name of the field on the form NA Upgrade of the app, What syllabus do you follow?
language string Represents the display language of the field on a form NA en, hi, ta
range list Represents the range of all the values specific to a particular field in a form NA “templateName”:”defaultTemplate”, “action”:”onboarding”, “fields”:[]
minVersionCode string Represents the minimum version of the app NA 0, 9
maxVersionCode string Represents the maximum version of the app NA 10, 15
versionName string Represents the name of version NA v1.0.1
type string Represents the type of the upgrade that is required NA optional, force
frameworkCategory boolean Specifies whether the code is part of framework or not NA true, false

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