Portal Service Environment Variables

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This page provides a list of environment variables with their default values, description and purpose as required to run the Sunbird portal service. To change default behavior, modify the variable value based on your requirements.

Variable List

S No Variable Name Description Purpose Default Value
1 sunbird_portal_realm Represents the Keycloak realm value The realm value of Keycloak to update in each installation sunbird
2 sunbird_portal_auth_server_url Represents the Keycloak authorization service URL To connect to the Keycloak server https://staging.open-sunbird.org/auth
3 sunbird_portal_auth_server_client Represents the client ID of the Keycloak client To update the client ID portal
4 sunbird_environment Represents the environment where the instance is running To send the telemetry with proper pdata and for other purposes  
5 sunbird_instance Represents the name of the instance To set up the name of the instance  
6 sunbird_learner_player_url Represents the learner service proxy URL To change the learner service proxy URL https://staging.open-sunbird.org/api/
7 sunbird_content_player_url Represents the content service proxy URL To change content service proxy URL https://staging.open-sunbird.org/api/
8 sunbird_content_proxy_url Represents the proxy URL address to load plugins To load plugins https://staging.open-sunbird.org
9 sunbird_default_channel Represents the default channel of the installation, same as in learner service and content service To set default channel for installation  
10 sunbird_api_auth_token Represents the auth token to connect APIs To connect the services  
11 sunbird_telemetry_packet_size Represents the size of the batch to sync data To set the size of events to be synced 20
12 sunbird_echo_api_url Represents the URL to validate the SSO token To validate the JWT Token from the trampoline service https://staging.open-sunbird.org/api/echo/
13 sunbird_autocreate_trampoline_user In case there are no users, auto create a user from the trampoline service To change the handle for user creation from trampoline service true
14 sunbird_trampoline_client_id Represents the trampoline client ID To identify the client using the trampoline service trampoline
15 sunbird_trampoline_secret Represents the trampoline secret    
16 sunbird_session_store_type Represents the storage to store portal sessions To set the storage type in-memory
17 sunbird_portal_title_name Represents the title displayed in browser To update title name for browser Sunbird
18 sunbird_portal_cdn_url Represents the CDN BASE URL where static assets are stored To update the CDN based on implementation  
19 sunbird_portal_default_language To set the default language of the portal Set the display language of the portal en
20 sunbird_dataservice_url Represents the data service URL The URL to access the data services https://staging.open-sunbird.org/api/
21 sunbird_keycloak_public Represents the keycloak   true
22 sunbird_keycloak_realm Represents the Keycloak realm   sunbird
23 sunbird_content_channel_filter_type Represents the filter type to show content based on the applied filter. By default it is set to ‘all’ which displays all content. If set to ‘self’, it shows the current channel content   all
24 sunbird_android_app_url Represents the android app URL in play store Used to set the android app URL http://www.sunbird.org
25 sunbird_enable_signup Enables and disables signup functionality To enable and disable sign-in functionality true
26 sunbird_api_response_cache_ttl Represents the Time-to-Live (TTL) for the API response cache in seconds To set cache for API responses in seconds 600
27 sunbird_tenant_cdn_url Represents the URL of the CDN, the tenant specific files are stored here To render the static tenant pages from the CDN  
28 sunbird_cloud_storage_urls URLs are stored and get the assets passed to editors from portal as config To change the assets and data storage by setting this env  
29 sunbird_portal_user_upload_ref_link URL of the user upload instruction document To get the instruction about user upload http://www.sunbird.org/features-documentation/register_user
30 config_service_enabled To enable/disable the fetching of configuration details from config service To enable/disable the fetching of configuration details false
31 config_refresh_interval Represents the interval in minutes to refresh the fetching of configurations To set the interval of time within which configurations are refreshed 1440
32 sunbird_cassandra_urls Represents the URLs of Cassandra instance Used to connect to the Cassandra db
33 sunbird_cassandra_consistency_level Represents the minimum number of Cassandra nodes that must acknowledge a read or write operation before the operation can be considered successful Used to mantain the data consistency of multi node Cassandra one
34 sunbird_cassandra_replication_strategy Represents data replication of Cassandra To replicate the Cassandra data set ’{“class”:”SimpleStrategy”,”replication_factor”:1}’
35 device_register_api Device registry Api To register/capture IP address/geo-location/device information https://api.open-sunbird.org/v3/device/register/
36 sunbird_azure_account_name Azure account name To login to Azure account  
37 sunbird_azure_account_key Azure account key To login to Azure account  
38 sunbird_azure_report_container_name Container for storing reports To store organization reports reports
39 sunbird_response_cache_ttl API response cache time API response is cached with configured time in browser 180
40 sunbird_health_check_enable To enable/disable health check API If dependent service is down, api call will not be proxy-ed if value is set to true true
41 sunbird_cassandra_consistency_level Cassandra consistency level Used in cassandra configuration one
42 sunbird_processing_kafka_host Processing Kafka host URL To send Kafka messages to process Kafka host URL  
43 sunbird_sso_ kafka_topic Kafka topic for SSO To send Kafka messages in SSO flow  
44 sunbird_portal_preview_cdn_url Content player CDN preview URL To load the content player from CDN  

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