Content Service Environment Variables

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The page contains the list of environment variables, their descriptions, purpose and sample values, as required to run the Sunbird content service. To change default behavior, modify the variable value to suit your need or purpose.

Variable List

S No. Variable Name Description Purpose Sample Value
1 ekstep_telemetry_storage_toggle Represents the toggle to turn the EkStep telemetry storage on or off To turn the telemetry on or off on
2 sunbird_extcont_whitelisted_domains Represents the file that stores the whitelisted domains in a comma-separated format To store the white listed domains
3 sunbird_default_channel Represents the default channel to generate telemetry, if nothing is sent from client headers. This is the same as specified in the learner service. It should be a valid root org To ensure there is a channel for each telemetry event generated  
4 sunbird_content_plugin_base_url Represents the proxy URL to the content plugins repository
This is needed only in the dev setup. In the server environment, plugins are handled by the nginx proxy
To update the plugins base URL
5 sunbird_content_provider_api_base_url Represents the base URL of the content provider To update the content provider URL
6 sunbird_content_provider_api_key Represents the API Key to authorize the content provider To authorize the content provider  
7 sunbird_environment Represents the instance environment To identify the environment to which to send telemetry data with proper pdata. It is also used for other related purposes  
8 sunbird_instance Represents the name of the instance. This should be the same as the value in the player/learner-service To set the name of the instance  
9 sunbird_cassandra_urls Represents the URLs of Cassandra instance To connect to Cassandra db
10 sunbird_cassandra_consistency_level Represents the minimum number of Cassandra nodes that must acknowledge a read or write operation before the operation can be considered successful To mantain the data consistency of multi node Cassandra one
11 sunbird_cassandra_replication_strategy Represents data replication of cassandra To replicate the Cassandra data set ’{“class”:”SimpleStrategy”,”replication_factor”:1}’
12 sunbird_keycloak_auth_server_url The URL of the Keycloak auth service to connect the Sunbird Content service To connect the Keycloak server
13 sunbird_keycloak_realm Represents the keycloak realm value To update the realm value of Keycloak, per installation Sunbird
14 sunbird_keycloak_client_id Represents the client ID in Keycloak To update the client ID in Keycloak portal
15 sunbird_keycloak_public Represents the Keycloak type To specify the keycloak public type true
16 sunbird_image_storage_url Represents the base URL where images are stored after generating the qrcode images To edit the storage URL  
17 sunbird_dial_code_registry_url Represents the base URL of the qr code image generated To set the base URL for qr code  
18 sunbird_azure_account_name Represents the Azure account name to connect to Azure storage To connect the Azure account  
19 sunbird_azure_account_key Represents the azure account key to connect to the Azure storage To connect to Azure  
20 sunbird_telemetry_sync_batch_size Represents the batch size to sync data To set the size of events to be synced 20
21 sunbird_content_service_whitelisted_channels Represents list of whitelisted channels (comma separated) To whitelist channels $.instance.all
22 sunbird_content_service_blacklisted_channels Represents list of blacklisted channels (comma seperated) To blacklist channels 1.23E+19
23 sunbird_content_service_channel_refresh_cron Represents the node cron interval string To run cron every 5 minutes. enabled only if $.instance.all is present in whitelisted channels) /5***
24 sunbird_content_service_whitelisted_framework Represents list of whitelisted frameworks (comma seperated) To whitelist frameworks while searching for content NCF, NCFCOPY
25 sunbird_content_service_blacklisted_contenttype Represents list of blacklisted content types(comma sepertaed) To blacklist contenttype while searching for content Asset
26 sunbird_content_service_blacklisted_resourcetype Represents list of blacklisted resource types(comma seperated) To blacklist contenttype while searching for content Lesson plan
27 sunbird_content_service_blacklisted_mimetype Represents list of blacklisted mime types(comma seperated) To blacklist mimetype while searching for content video/x-youtube
28 sunbird_content_service_enable_logging To enable or disable the content service logging   True
29 sunbird_content_repo_api_base_url Represents the proxy URL to the content repository
30 sunbird_content_repo_api_key Represents the proxy URL API key for the content repository    
31 sunbird_search_service_api_base_url Represents the proxy URL to the search service
32 sunbird_search_service_api_key Represents the proxy URL API key for the search service   True
33 sunbird_dial_repo_api_base_url Represents the proxy URL to the dial repository
34 sunbird_dial_repo_api_key Represents the proxy URL API key for the dial repository    
35 sunbird_plugin_repo_api_base_url Represents the proxy URL to the plugin repository for searching plugins
36 sunbird_plugin_repo_api_key Represents the proxy URL API key to the plugin repository for searching plugins    
37 sunbird_data_service_api_base_url Represents the proxy URL to the data service
38 sunbird_data_service_api_key Represents the proxy URL API key for the data service    
39 sunbird_language_service_api_base_url Represents the proxy URL to the language service
40 sunbird_language_service_api_key Represents the proxy URL API key for the language service    
41 sunbird_portal_base_url To construct the content link which will be sent in the email and also to read the Form API
42 sunbird_gzip_enable Specifies the API response is enabled or disabled for zipping    
43 sunbird_cassandra_consistency_level Provides consistency level in cassandra    
44 sunbird_cassandra_replication_strategy Specifies the cassandra replication strategy    
45 sunbird_health_check_enable Specifies that the health check of the dependant services to be checked or not (ex: true/false)    
46 sunbird_content_service_log_level Specifies the log level of this service (ex: info, debug, error, warn)    

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