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This page explains the jobs to be run to bring up the Knowledge Platform services. In order to do so, log into Jenkins and execute the instructions as per the sequence provided on this page.


Switch to the Build folder and run all jobs in the below sequence. For the value of the github_release_tag, refer to Current Release Tags and Jenkins Jobs Reference

Operation Name Function CURRENT RELEASE TAG
CassandraTrigger Generate the jar file for cassandraTrigger release-3.5.0
KnowledgePlatform Generate the artefacts for knowledge Platform release-3.5.0
Neo4j Generate the Neo4j jar file release-3.5.0
Yarn Generate the artefacts for Samza job release-3.5.0
Dial Generate the artifacts for dial service release-3.3.0
FlinkJobs Generate the artifacts for flink jobs relelase-3.5.0

For KnowledgePlatform build, use the default profile_id which is “platform_services”.

DevOps Administration

Operation Name Function
Bootstrap Creates Deployer User


  • Download neo4j enterprise version 3.3.x. The file should be uploaded to your azure storage account under the root path. The file name should be neo4j*.tar.gz. This file should be uploaded to the container named in the variable of KnowledgePlatform’s common.yml.

The URL for this path will look like this -

  • Switch to Provision/<env>/KnowledgePlatform and run the jobs in the following sequence:
Operation Name Function Description CURRENT RELEASE TAG
CompositeSearch Installs the ElasticSearch Installs dependencies for elastic search and starts elastic search service release-3.5.0
Neo4j Installs the Neo4j and Logstash Installs Neo4j and its dependencies relesae-3.5.0
zookeeper Installs the zookeper zookeeper installation release-3.5.0
Kafka Installs the Kafka Kafka installation release-3.5.0
Learning Installs the dependency to run the learning application Creates learning user and installs dependencies(java, tomcat, logstash, ffmpeg,imagemagick) release-3.5.0
Redis Installs the Redis database Download and installs Redis release-3.5.0
Dial Installs the dependency to run the dial service install logstash and other dependencies release-3.5.0


  • Switch to Deploy/dev/KnowledgePlatform and run the jobs in the following sequence (start deploy jobs after all DB provision is done from core folder):
Operation Name Function CURRENT RELEASE TAG
CassandraTrigger Deploys the CassandraTrigger jar file and installs the logstash release-3.5.0
CassandraDbUpdate Creates the Cassandra keyspace and update release-3.5.0
Neo4j Deploys the Neo4j artefacts release-3.5.0
StartNeo4jCluster Starts the Neo4j process release-3.5.0
Learning Deploys the learning service artefacts and starts the learning service release-3.5.0
Neo4DefinitionUpdate Updates Neo4j definition release-3.5.0
KafkaSetup Creates the Kafka Topics release-3.5.0
Yarn Deploys the Samza jobs release-3.5.0
Dial Deploys and starts dial service release-3.5.0
FlinkJobs Deploys flink jobs release-3.5.0

Create master framework category

1.Make sure learning services is running and healthy, command to check learning service health http://localhost:8080/learning-service/health

2.Run the below curl command from learning vm:

     curl --location --request POST 'http://localhost:8080/learning-service/framework/v3/category/master/create' \
                  --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
                  --data-raw '{
                     "request": {

Refer How to Create Framework, How to Create Schemas for Knowledge Platform Objects

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