Upload Contents on Sunbird

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Content created or available offline can be uploaded on Sunbird. The following content formats are supported on Sunbird:

  • Video (.mp4, .webm)
  • HTML zip
  • ECML (created using the inbuilt content editor)
  • EPUB
  • H5P
  • Audio (.mp3)
  • Images (.jpeg, .png)
  • Document format (.pdf)
  • URLs of YouTube videos and other files
  • URLs of other externally hosted content

The maximum file size supported for upload is 50 MB

1. For any Youtube video that is uploaded, Sunbird validates the Standard Youtube Credits and Licenses. Users have the permission of using, copying or distributing Youtube contents with the regulations, in accordance with its license policy
2. Only those URLs of websites whitelisted by the organization administrator can be uploaded. For details on websites that can be whitelisted on Sunbird refer Environment Variables


Step Screen
1. You are logged in
2. You are currently in your Profile page
3. Click Upload Content

Uploading Content

Step Screen
1. Enter URL of the Youtube video or the external website URL or path of the pdf file
Note: The PDF supports only noto-sans fonts of different languages while rendering on the mobile application. Refer supported Font Types
2. Click Browse to select the desired file for upload from your local storage. You can alternatively Drag & Drop files from your local
3. Click Upload to upload the selected content

Browsing Content

Step Screen
1. On clicking browse, file window is displayed
2. Select the file and click Open

Previewing Content

On successful upload,the preview of the uploaded file is displayed on the content editor

Step Screen
1. Enter topic name or keyword in the search bar to search for content within the uploaded file. For example, if the file is a textbook and you want to view a particular chapter in the book.
2. View settings of the uploaded file is displayed on the right
3. Click the profile icon to change the profile type of the child/children who will be accessing the content on Sunbird
4. Click upload icon to upload other content
5. Click download icon to download content
6. Click Send for Review to send content for review
7. Click Save to save content

Playing Content on Mobile App Settings

Step Screen
On clicking the Profile icon in the content editor, settings as available in the mobile application are displayed
1. Click Refresh to replay content
2. Click Profile to change the profile of the user
3. Click Music to turn sound on/off

Adding Details

Before the file is uploaded on the portal, details should be updated.

Step Screen
1. Enter Title
2. Enter a Description
3. Enter Keywords
4. Select other metadata like:   a) Curriculum   b) Class   c) Subject   d) Medium   e) Concepts   f) Resource Type   g) Audience 5. Enter Attributions, if any
Note: Keywords help search engines find content associated with it during search
6. Click Image icon to upload image. For details on adding image, refer Adding Image to Metadata
7. Click Save

Sending Content for Review

Content must be sent for review after it is uploaded.

Step Screen
1. Click Save on the header to save the content
2. Click Send for review to send the uploaded content for review. Before sending for review, you can share the content to a limited audience. To know more about Limited Sharing, refer Limited Publishing and Sharing

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