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Organization administrators can use their registered credentials and add individual users onto Sunbird. To add users on Sunbird, the administrator must upload required details of the users.


Step Screen
1. You are logged in
2. You are currently on Profile page. You want to upload users
3. You have clicked on Upload Users
Note: Ensure that the administrator of your organization has assigned user roles on the portal. For details on how to assign user roles, refer Assigning User Roles

Uploading Users

1.The Upload Users page is displayed

2.Enter Provider details. Channel ID of the organization administrator must be entered here

3.Enter External ID. Unique ID of the user that has to be uploaded must be entered here OR

4.Enter OrgID. Unique ID of the admin organization must be entered here

  • For example, in the case of a state, state repository is the system administrator repository and the ID given to each school, or education body in the state is the External ID.


  • Enter OrgID. Unique ID of the administration organization that is generated on Sunbird. This ID is generated when the organization is successfully uploaded on Sunbird.

5.Download the csv file for reference

6.You can add or upload details of up to 1000 users at a time in one csv file

7.You can upload users of only a single organization in one csv file

8.Descriptions and valid values for each columns are as listed below:

S No Column Name Description Valid Value Field Type  
1 firstName User’s first name Alphabetic Value Mandatory  
2 lastName User’s last name Alphabetic Value Optional  
3 phone User’s phone number Ten digit mobile number Optional  
4 email User’s verified email ID Alphanumeric, standard email ID format
Note: You can provide (i) only the phone number, (ii) only email or (iii) both email and phone number
5 userName Unique name assigned to the user by the organization Alphanumeric Mandatory  
6 provider Channel ID shared with the system administrator Alphanumeric
Note: Enter values in the provider column and the phoneVerified column or keep both columns blank
7 phoneVerified Whether user’s phone number is verified TRUE, if phone number is provided
Note: Enter values in the provider column and the phoneVerified column or keep both columns blank
8 emailVerified Whether user’s email ID is verified TRUE, if email ID is provided Optional  
9 roles User’s role Select one or more of the following roles:
10 position User’s designation in the organization Alphanumeric Optional  
11 grade Classes taught by the user Select one or more of the following grades:
Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4,
Class 5, Class 6, Class 7,
Class 8, Class 9, Class 10, Kindergarten, Other
12 location User’s geographical location Alphanumeric Optional  
13 DOB User’s date of birth DD-MM-YYYY Optional  
14 gender User’s gender Male, Female, Transgender Optional  
15 language User’s language preferences Select one or more of the following language:
English, Gujarati, Hindi,
Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi,
Tamil, Telugu
16 profileSummary User’s professional profile summary, skills, certifications Alphanumeric Optional  
17 subject Subjects taught by the user Select one or more of the following subject:
Assamese, Bengali, English,
Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam,
Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil,
Telugu, Urdu, Biology,
Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics,
Environmental Studies, Geography,
History, Political Science,
Economics, Sanskrit, Gujarati,
Marathi, Nepali
18 externalId User’s identity in an external system
**Note **:Enter values in the externalid column and the externalIdType & externalIdprovider column or keep all three columns blank
Alphanumeric Optional  
19 externalIds An array of externalId represented as JSON string Enter details within curly brackets in double quotes. Separate each detail with a comma, and, detail name and corresponding value with a colon (:). For example; [{“id”:”someId”,”idType”:”someIdType”,”provider”:”someProvider”,”operation”:”ADD,EDIT,REMOVE”}] Optional  
21 externalIdType External ID types
Note: Enter values in the externalId column and the externalIdType column or keep both column blank
Note: Ignore externalIdType, if userName is already provided
22 externalIdProvider External ID provided by system administrator to users
Note: Enter values in the externalId column and the externalIdProvider column or keep both column blank
Note: Ignore externalIdProvider, if userName is already provided

Note: Ensure that you separate the values with a comma when you select more than one value for any column

9.Click UPLOAD USERS CSV.The explorer window is displayed

10.Select the csv file and click Open

11.The csv file is uploaded

12.On successful file upload, a process ID is generated, else an error message is displayed

13.Possible causes for failure of upload includes:

a. The csv file is not saved in the right format. Select CSV (Comma delimited) (.csv) as the file type while saving

b. Using the same email, phonenumber etc. for more than one user. Details must be unique for each user

c. Providing invalid values in the csv file. In such cases, the error message denotes the column name for which incorrect value is provided

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