Taking a Course

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Any registered user can take up a course on Sunbird. The guidelines to taking a course varies from course to course and is upto the discretion of the course creator.


Step Screen
1. You are logged in
2. You are on the Home page

Exploring the Courses Page

Step Screen
1.You can search the courses using the search text box
2. You can filter the courses using following options:
a. Board
b. Class
c. Subject
d. Medium
e. Content Types
3. Click Apply to filter the courses
4. Click Reset to reset the filters
5. You can sort the courses using the following options:
a. Modified On
b. Created On
6. All courses assigned to you appear in the My Courses tab
7. Click Resume button, to start the course for the first time or continue from where you stopped, if you had started the course earlier
8. Other available courses appears under Latest Courses
9. Select View All to view all the courses

Accessing Course

Click on the Course tile, to view and open the selected course

Step Screen
1. The selected course opens in the Courses tab
2. View details about the course such as content, structure, your progress and more
3. Click (+) icon, on the right pane, to add notes to your notebook. You can maintain separate notes for each course that you take
4. The progress of your course is displayed on the right side
Note: Course materials can be in different content types, for example, pdf, video. In such cases:
 a) Click Adobe PDF icon, to read printable course material
 b) Click Play icon to view a video of the course material

Inbuilt Content Player

On clicking on the course material links, the course content is displayed in the inbuilt content player.

Step Screen
1. Click Menu to view the player options available
2. Click left scroll icon to go to previous page or slide of study material
3. Click right scroll icon to go to the next page or slide of study material
4. Click Previous, to view study material preceding the current material in the course material list
5. Click Next to view study material immediately subsequent to current material from the course material list
6. Click Take Note to take a note of the current course material
7. Click Resume Course to continue from where you stopped earlier
8. Click X button to exit the page

Reviewing the Course

Step Screen
On completion of a course, a end screen window is displayed
On this screen, you can view:
*Your score
*Duration of the course
*Replay button
*Next and Previous arrows to navigate to the next and previous slide

Content Player Menu

Click the course player menu for the content player options. The name of the course is displayed in the header

Step Screen
1. Replay: To replay the study material
2. Sound on: To turn on or off sound for audio or video study material
3. Teacher’s Note: To view teacher’s notes for the current course material
4. Home: To navigate to the Home page

Taking Notes

To take notes click Take a Note option

Step Screen
1. Enter an appropriate title for your note, such that you can easily identify and retrieve the note
2. Enter details of the note
3. The toolbar comprises of various text formatting options
4. Click Clear, to delete and rewrite your notes. On clicking clear, the title also will be cleared
5. Click Save to save the changes

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