Batch Creation

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On Sunbird, once a course is created, the course administrator can add users to a course in a batch. Multiple batches can be assigned to a single course. The administrator can add as many users to a batch.


Step Screen
1. You are logged in
2. You have clicked on the Courses tab
3. You want to assign batches to a course

Exploring the Courses Page

Step Screen
1. Click Search icon or Filter icon, to search or filter courses. Filter courses by:
 a) Curriculum br> b) Medium
 c) Subjects
2.You can also search for courses in Latest Courses or Popular Courses section
3. Select any course
5. To search more courses in Latest or Popular Courses section, click left/right arrow icon
6. You can also select a course based on its rating

Creating Batches

Step Screen
1. On selecting a course, details of the course are displayed. Details displayed are:
 a) Information about the course
 b) Course Structure
 c) Information on types of content viz. video, PDF or Ecml Archives
 d) Information on when the course was created and updated
2. Existing batches for the course are displayed on the right side under Batches
3. Click Create Batch to create a new batch. Metadata page for batches is displayed
1. Enter Batch Name. This is a mandatory field
2. Enter Description about the batch
3. Select the Batch Type
4. Select the START DATE for the batch from the calendar. This is a mandatory field
5. Select END DATE for the batch from the calendar
6. Search and select member’s name from the drop-down list
7. Select and include mentors for the batch from the drop-down list
8. Click Clear to clear and re-enter all the details
9. Click Create to create a new batch and assign them to users
10. Click Close icon to exit the page

Sharing Batch Details

Step Screen
1. Click Share icon from the Courses page, to share the batch link
2. On the share page, click Copy Link Share the copied link through any medium viz, email, Whatsapp, Facebook etc

Viewing Batch Status

Step Screen
1. Select Ongoing or Upcoming option from the dropdown list in the right pane. Information on ongoing or upcoming batches are displayed

Editing Batch Details

Step Screen
1. Click Edit icon, to update the batch details
1. Update Batch Details page opens.
2.You can edit/update the following details:
 a) About This Batch
 b) Start Date (mandatory field)
 c) End Date
 d)Mentors in the Batch
 e) Members in the batch
3. Click Clear to clear all details
4.Click Update to update the changes
Note: A batch created cannot be deleted. Batch details can only be updated.

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