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Announcements are an invariable part of organizational activities. From important dates, to events, to policy changes, organization members must be notified of everything. It is a formidable task to notify each member of the organization in person or through electronic communication (email).

On Sunbird, the Announcement feature allows you to send a systemwide message to all your target audience via a Dashboard. This feature is helpful for swift communication of urgent information, such as Orders or Circulars. The organization administrator can assign one or more members to become announcement senders in the portal. The chief responsibility of this role is to create and send announcements.

Announcement Workflow

The sequential set of tasks, the announcement sender has to complete to successfully send announcements, are explained diagrammatically in the workflow:

Announcement Sender Role Function Matrix

On Sunbird, an announcement sender is a person who creates and sends announcement to various registered users on the portal. Announcement sender can also view and analyse the announcement receiver’s data on their dashboard. To know more on the various roles and functions of an Announcement Sender refer Announcement Sender Role Function Matrix


Step Screen
1. You are logged in
2. You are currently on Home page. You want to view and analyze all the sent announcements
3. You have clicked the Announcement Dashboard from the profile drop down

Creating a New Announcement

Step Screen
1. Click Create Announcements
1. Create New Announcement page is displayed
2. Enter Title for the announcement
3. Enter From. Details of the organization or department, who is sending the announcement, have to be entered here
4. Select Announcement Type (Order or Circular)
5. Enter a Description for the announcement
6. Click + icon to add URL or web link
 Click on Upload Attachment or drag and drop relevant attachments in the box
Note: You can attach or give links for more than one file. For attachments, the following file formats are supported: .pdf, .png, .jpg. Maximum file size limit is 1MB.
7. Click Select Recipients button to select all the recipients *
Note: All the fields marked with asterisk(*) *are mandatory. Others are optional fields. Select Recipient *button gets enabled only after entering all the details viz, Name, Organization, Announcement type and Description*

Selecting Recipients

Step Screen
1. Select Announcement Recipients page is displayed
2. Enter location name and search
3. Select the recipients segregated based on location
4. Click Back button to move to previous page
5. Click Confirm Recipients button to confirm the selection
1. Confirm Announcement Recipients page opens
2. Click Back button to move to previous page
3. Click Preview Announcement button, to preview announcement before sending it to the recipients
1. Preview Announcement page opens, you can view your announcement before sending it to recipients here
2. Click Back button, to move to previous page
3. Click Send Announcement button to send the announcement
1. A confirmation message is displayed
2. Click GOT IT button or Close icon to exit the page

Closing an Incomplete Announcement

Step Screen
If you close the creation page midway (intentionally or un-intentionally), a pop up message appears and asks to confirm your action.
1. Click Yes button to stop creating your announcement
2. Click No button to return back to the creation page

Deleting an Announcement

Step Screen
1. Go to My Announcements page
2. Click Delete icon on the announcement you want to delete
1. A confirmation message opens before deleting an announcement
2. Click Yes button to delete announcement
3. Click No button to exit the page

Resending an Announcement

Step Screen
1. Go to My Announcements page
2. Click Resend icon on the announcement you want to send again
The announcement page is displayed
1. Edit all the required fields
2.Click Edit Recipients button to re-select the recipients. Further, repeat all the steps for Selecting Recipient

Viewing Announcement on your Homepage

Step Screen
1. Go to Home page
2. Locate the Announcements section
3. Click See All
The announcement page is displayed. You can view all the announcements from one page to other
1. Click on any announcement card to view details
2. Click View button to see the attached file

Viewing Announcement Dashboard

Step Screen
You can view all necessary data related to announcements on your dashboard
1. My Announcements page opens, with the following details:
 a) Announcement name
 b) Announcement published date
 c) Number of users to whom announcements were sent
 d) Number of users who received the announcements
 e) Number of users who have seen the announcements
 f) Delete or resend actions taken by the announcement creator and the sender

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