Ansible Variables Setup

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Sunbird uses Ansible playbooks to manage its three major sub-systems (Knowledge Platform, Data Pipeline and Core Services), to ensure scalability, consistency and reliability of its IT environment. The Ansible variables help server setup, configuration management and automate deployment.

Updating the Private Repository with Hosts and Variables

Use the following Git commands sequentially to clone and update your private GitHub repository:

  1. git clone

  2. cd sunbird-devops; git checkout tags/release-2.7.0 -b release-2.7.0

  3. Copy the directory sunbird-devops/private_repo/ansible to your private repo location

  4. Update the files common.yml, hosts, secrets.yml under Core, KnowledgePlatform and DataPipeline. After updating, push them to your private repo branch. The structure under the ansible directory is shown below.

Note The following depicts the folder structure required in the private GitHub repository that contains Ansible hosts, secrets and variables.

└── inventory
    └── dev
        ├── Core
        │   ├── common.yml
        │   ├── hosts
        │   └── secrets.yml
        ├── DataPipeline
        │   ├── common.yml
        │   ├── hosts
        │   └── secrets.yml
        └── KnowledgePlatform
            ├── common.yml
            ├── hosts
            └── secrets.yml

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