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Sunbird Architecture is:

Open-source and customizable: Sunbird uses the open platform to empower individuals, where even failures contribute towards augmenting the solution. Being open-source, it can be customized to tailor to individual needs.

Cloud hosted: Sunbird is web-based, thus can be accessed from anywhere. With its feature rich mobile app and cross-browser compatibility, it provides seamless connectivity to content.

Robust, secure, private: Sunbird commits to safeguarding data security and user privacy, with high standards set in security to protect against any unauthorized access, data loss and misuse. Sunbird can be easily deployed on a private secure cloud or server for complete control.

Scalable: Sunbird supports from a few users to millions of users, thus supporting the needs of any type of organizations. It uses flexible frameworks like Apache Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Play Framework, Akka, Angular, Node.js & Android. These state of art technologies enable the utmost scalability and portability.

Extensible: It allows the introduction of new, innovative and customized components which can be easily plugged in. This flexibility and Openness in the platform allows Sunbird to inculcate the change when and where required.

Modular: Sunbird architecture is modular in nature , which provides isolation for developers and allows developing rapid development of many components independent of one another.It’s modular set up and interoperable design allows developers to create plugins and integrate external applications to achieve specific functionality

Flexible: Sunbird follows a layered architecture. It has a mix of service-oriented architecture and micro service pattern which makes it flexible to undergo changes with ease.

Offline-enabled: It is the offline availability that makes Sunbird standout of the rest, wherein not only content can be played and seen offline but the learning media can be downloaded without incurring further costs.

Multilingual: Access extensive Sunbird content and user forums in multiple languages,free content and courses shared by Sunbird users across the world.

Support: Sunbird is well-supported by an active community, and a team of dedicated full-time developers.It is driven by open collaboration.

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