Creation and Curation of Resources

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Sunbird houses a wide variety of content. Users can directly create content on Sunbird or upload content created offline. For more details on uploading content, created offline, refer Uploading Content

Resources are the simplest/smallest unit of content that can be created by any user on Sunbird using the inbuilt content editor.The various categories of resources that can be created on Sunbird include:

  • Experiment
  • Learn
  • Play
  • Practice
  • Read
  • Teach
  • Test

Each of these categories corresponds to the learning process/methodology that is deployed to teach a particular piece of content. For example, a tutor creates an activity and the intent is to educate the learner about a concept through a game. The resource category in this case is, Play. Similarly, a tutor creates a story to enhance the reading skills of the learner, the story falls under the category of Read.

This page details the procedure of creating resources on Sunbird.


Step Screen
1. You are logged in
2. You are currently on My Workspace page
3. You want to create resources, you have clicked the Resource tile

Creating Resources

Step Screen
1. Enter Name of the resource
2.Select the following from their respective dropdown menus:
 a) Board
 b) Grade
 c) Subject
 d) Medium
 e) Concept. Refer Concept Selector
 f) Resource Type
3. Click Start Creating
Note: These details can also be filled in later when updating the resource details before sending it for review

Content Editor

Sunbird provides an inbuilt content editor to create engaging and innovative content. For details on how to create resource using the content editor, refer Content Editor

Editing Resource Details

Once the resource is created, using the content editor, all details pertaining to the resource must be updated before sending the resource for review.

Step Screen
1. Click Edit Details
2. Click the camera icon to add an image
Note: For details, refer Adding Image to Metadata
3. Enter Name of the resource
4. Enter Description of the resource
5. Enter Keywords. Keywords are ideas and topics that define content. Keywords aid in discovering content
6.Select the following from their respective dropdown menus:
 a) Curriculum
 b) Class
 c) Subject
 d) Medium
 e) Concept. Refer Concept Selector
 f) Resource Type
 g) Audience
7. Enter Attributions, if any
8. Click Save to save all the details

Sending Resource for Review

Step Screen
1. Click Save on the header to save the created resource
2. Click Send for review. Before sending for review, you can share the content to a limited audience. To know more about Limited Sharing, refer Limited Publishing and Sharing

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