Upgrade to Angular Version 6

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Sunbird is an open source, configurable, extendable, modular learning management platform. Sunbird makes it possible to leverage technology for education by providing building blocks for the creation of learning solutions. Sunbird uses a wide spectrum of technologies that support the development, delivery, deployment, and consumption of its resources.

In the latest release 1.9, Sunbird has upgraded to the latest Angular version 6, for details about new features of Angular 6, refer to the Angularjs official website


To update, Angular 5 to Angular 6, ensure that the following prerequisites are met:

Note: To update your Nodejs version to the latest Nodejs version, refer to the official website


To upgrade your version of Angularjs to the latest version of Angularjs:

  1. Get the latest Sunbird-Portal codebase for release v1.9 from sunbird-portal repository
  2. Execute the following command in the console npm install @angular/cli@latest -g
  3. Using console, navigate to the following location src/app/client
  4. Execute the following commands:

    run npm install @angular/cli@latest

    run npm install

Executing the command upgrades your current version of Angularjs to the latest version.

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