Running the Installer

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Running the Installer

This section details the procedures to install Sunbird’s core and auxilliary services and to validate the installation. Once the installation is validated, you can sign-up to begin using Sunbird.

Installing Auxilliary Services

Begin by installing the auxilliary services. To complete this step, run the installation script

  $ cd <path/to/sunbird-devops/deploy>
$ ./

The installtion script will run through the following steps

Stage name Description
config Generates configuration file and hosts file
dbs Installs all databases and creates schema
apis Sets up API manager kong and Onboard API’s and consumer’s
proxy Deploys and configures Nginx
keycloak Deploys and configures Keycloak
badger Deploys the badger service

Note: The badger service does not work without an Azure storage account name

Configuring the authentication service certificate

  • Log into Keycloak as the admin user
    • You can access keycloak via http://{dns_name}/auth where {dns_name} is the same as the configured value
    • Refer to the config file to get the Keycloak admin credentials
  • Once logged in, navigate to: Administration console -> Realm Settings -> Keys -> Public keys
  • Click on the RSA public key which will present you a pop-up containing the value
  • Copy this key and and set it for sunbird_sso_publickey parameter in the config file.

Note: The first launch of keycloak could take upto 3 minutes and the webpage would show a header and a blank page body for this duration. Please wait until the main section renders the realm settings.

Installing Core Services

Continue the installation to deploy the core services with the configured authentication certificate:

  ./ -s core

Create Custodian tenant, channel & root user for using sunbird

Create the custodian tenant, channel & root user by running

  ./ -s systeminit


  • Running the installer script with -s <stage name> runs only that stage of the installation.

  • To know more about the script refer to the section Sunbird Install Script

Validating the installed services

  1. Run the script ./ -s posttest to validate all the successfully installed services. On executing the script, a file logs/postInstallationLogs.log is created

  2. Open https://{dns-name}/ and login with the configured root admin login ID/password to access the Sunbird portal.

    • {dns-name} is the value which you configured when installing Sunbird
    • The login ID is sunbird_root_user_username@sunbird_custodian_tenant_channel

Note: The posttest step could take upto 5 minutes to complete

Post-Install sign-up

Once the install is validated, you can create new user accounts by signing-up. Sign-up is a seamless process – you can sign-up via the portal. For details on signing up on Sunbird, refer to Sign-up on Sunbird

  1. Open http(s)://{dns-name}/ and sign-up (where {dns-name} is the value which you configured when installing Sunbird)

  2. Choose your own loginID and password. The format for the loginID is username@channelName

Sunbird Install Script

The Sunbird installation script ./ is a wrapper shell script that invokes other scripts or Ansible playbooks. It fetches docker images from the Sunbird DockerHub repository. For details on the scripts and Ansible playbooks invoked, refer to Additional Information

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