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Sunbird Install Script

The Sunbird installation script ./ is a wrapper shell script that invokes other scripts or Ansible playbooks. It fetches all the docker images from the Sunbird DockerHub repository.

  • - Basic Sunbird prerequisites check.

  • - Installs Ansible v2.4.1.0 on the installation server to provision and deploy Sunbird. This script also sets up the docker swarm.

  • - Creates a workspace for the installation and sets up necessary config files.

  • - Creates a hosts file (Ansible file format) dynamically to run the Ansible scripts.

  • - Installs Cassandra, Elasticsearch and Postgres databases.

  • - Sets up the required schema for Cassandra, Elasticsearch and Postgres databases.

  • - Deploys the api gateway (Kong) as a docker service using Ansible.

  • - Deploys the proxy (Nginx) as a docker service.

  • - Installs Keycloak.

  • - Deploys the OAuth service (Keycloak) on the VM. The Keycloak service runs outside the swarm.

  • - Imports the auth realm and configures Keycloak.

  • - Deploys the badger service as docker service.

  • - Deploys the core services player, content, actor and learner service as docker services. The content, actor and learner service together form the LMS backend.

  • - Initializes the system by creating the first organisation and first user with admin role of the sunbird platform

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